What are the benefits of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine considered as an additional aid that provides well-being and happiness on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Several testimonials from patients and practitioners approve of the effectiveness of this technique.

What is the origin of lithotherapy?

Cro-Magnon men used stones at one time to make amulets and the stones were then worn around the neck with figurines beside them. Among other things, the science of gemstones originated in Atlantis and ancient Egypt. The age following antiquity was defined by the arrival of stones with different specifics and characteristics, which then began to be used in jewellery. The properties of the stones extended over the years to carry out its good man of road in the whole universe. Here are the 4 rows of stones, the first row of Sardoine, Topaz, and Emerald, the second row of Garnet, Sapphire, and Diamond, the third row of Opal, Agate, and Amethyst, the fourth row of Peridot, Onyx, and Jasper. The use of therapeutic purposes began in the 18th century. However, the change in science was due to the damage to the care of the stones. However, the 1960's saw a change in the usefulness of lithotherapy which is today an integral part of medical treatment. The opinion on the lithotherapy shop and the necessary information will be delivered by visiting this site semi-precious stones, as well as its modalities.

Definition of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is defined as the energetic care with stones. Several natural stones are composed of medical uses to heal pain. Minerals have an energetic strength that differs according to their crystallization and composition. The body is affected by energies that release pulsations, also, any substance visible in the world. Under certain figure that it exists, scientifically measured in various forms of vibratory repetitions and capable of interfering with other energetic things. Depending on the mental or emotional state, these energies are transformed and know how to be executed from one minute to the next. It is precisely in this character that lithotherapy is appropriate. First of all, one must believe in the beneficial forces that these stones have, since they lock up insensitive energy. Quantum science has made it possible to see that beyond the infinitely small, it distinguishes an ocean of energy from the substance. In these discoveries, the Russians were the pioneers and thus developed cutting-edge techniques in medical care for the use of certain allopathic drug treatments. In the jargon of lithotherapy, they are also called subtle energies and give an improved state of being on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels. This energy acts on the body and guarantees total well-being. Notably, the improvements and virtues obtained depend on the worn stone. It is based on holism, a formula that heals the whole being. The work carried by the lithotherapy stones on the subtle energy method mobilizes it by interference by transmitting it to the main planes of the body. Lithotherapy rebalances strength to ease body aches and pains such as migraines and digestive disorders. It restores power to an organ and thus helps to regain sleep. However, the treatment is more incomprehensible for the indocable people. This one develops a kind of energy defence barrier preventing the best energies to occur on their organism. Otherwise, a person will never be completely sensitive, or quite the opposite, but it concerns as much the state of being at the moment of the therapy. And in this case, the uttered waves know how to act on the vibrations when they interfere with the energy, and then this energy begins to act on the body energy in order to soften the physical and mental pain.

The main benefits of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy helps to overcome many obstacles. Such as anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, exhaustion, joint pain, mental agitation, or even lack of self-confidence. There are many ways for everyone to defend themselves, spiritually and physically. Some wear amulets that they never take hold of, others use stones. Stones have well hidden convalescent, protective or therapeutic properties, but are nevertheless very active and can be used in a wide variety of ways. So what are the benefits of minerals? First of all, the so-called "protective" stones. This is the most common but most active category of stone. The best known among them are black tourmaline, tiger's eye, and turquoise. The advantages of minerals in lithotherapy, and especially of this characteristic stone need no longer be proven. They can ward off spirits, protect from ghosts, detect evil individuals, purify a place, drive away the evil eye. Then there are the so-called "divination" stones. The most active in this category are moonstone, amethyst, quartz, and rock crystal. These stones have certain faculties such as agreeing to foresee the countless events to come, showing certain plots of the future, bringing light to some unkind individuals, cleaning up the evil deeds of the past and overcoming its consequences. It is recommended to bring these stones during divination sessions or a visit to the medium in order to increase the operations of the seer. Now the so-called "toning stones". They are used for the purpose of fitness and comfort only from a physical point of view. The best known in this field are the meteorite and the jasper. It is necessary to keep these stones on oneself, for example after giving birth or after suffering from an illness such as a big flu, it will do good. The latter will only have positive consequences such as offering one's energies so they produce vigour, accelerate recovery in the case of an illness and then actually weakened. Indeed, the benefits of minerals in lithotherapy are therefore numerous and strong but do not need to be used lightly. It is recommended to ask a specialist if you are interested.

How strong are the stones in practice?

There are several stones, each with its own purpose. For example among the long list the amethyst, which allows the balancing of the lacks and the excesses, so to appease the expertise to the authority. Then carnelian, a stone for women, which has the ability to reconcile with her femininity, also essential to deploy self-confidence and intuition. Then pink quartz, which allows to discover the energy of love after a shock, a break-up or a disappointment. And the blue calcite, it allows to express oneself well in public, and also, it has the use to counter stress. The lapis lazuli allows to be more objective, and amber, which gives the possibility to simplify the allergic reflexes and thus incite the revival of tissues. In addition, it relieves asthma sufferers. Red garnet helps to excite vital energy and normalize sexuality. It also helps to stimulate fertility. Citrine, which gives strength and energy, day to exist, optimism and security, and also helps to balance ego exposure. The amazonite, which gives the possibility to control the changes of appeasement and mood. Jade, brings courage, wisdom, modesty, inner peace, relaxation, and appeasement. Finally the emerald, it helps to avoid anger and support the protective system. Especially, not all the characters of protective stones are suitable for lithotherapy.  The virtues of the stones are used either in semi-precious or even precious stones, of a crystal figure, rough or polished.

Does lithotherapy really work?

Many people wonder if lithotherapy really works. For that, scientific evidence does not exist in the virtues of the stones, nor of the existence of a force characteristic patent in the stones. Moreover, this unconventional method is competent of pseudo-science. For others, it is a question of placebo effect, and then of certainty. For the stones to give better effects, in another way, it is crucial and necessary to believe in them. To believe in their benefits and properties. Some say it's a technique of quantum physics. The solid matter according to this science, on the other hand, is in its infinite maturity of a space animated by vibrations but empty bathed in energy. Lithotherapy in this perspective allows to give energy to a specific area or organ or on the contrary if in excess, to get rid of it. And to finish, it is necessary to know that the stone needs to be recharged and purified after any use since it gives all its strength, indeed, and therefore it must comfort itself in order to be able to start again. In the event of illness or discomfort, it is necessary to first consult a health professional or a doctor who is able to accurately assess the state of health of the stone. And then, the stones are available for those who want to take advantage of the benefits of lithotherapy, such as a stone jewelry, bracelet or pendant, putting them in the pocket or also install them on a painful area will be convenient.
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