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Maryam Rajavi's

Maryam Rajavi’s latest activities

When growing up, Maryam, the Iran opposition leader had to witness how the wrath hands of dictatorship affected her family and other citizens of Iran. She lost her two sisters- Narges and Massoumeh- to brutality and torture, which was enough…

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Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu, creator of lyrical art

George was a renowned French artist who was born in 1921 and lived for just over 91 years before his demise in 2012. From a tender age,  George Mathieu started being taught how to draw, by his mother. Even so, it took…

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French impressionism from the museum of fine arts

Impressionism is among the most influential art styles in Western history. The phrase was invented by Pierre Leroy, french impressionist paintings who published in the satirical journal Deems. His goal was to incite a group of painters to represent their…

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