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When growing up, Maryam, the Iran opposition leader had to witness how the wrath hands of dictatorship affected her family and other citizens of Iran. She lost her two sisters- Narges and Massoumeh- to brutality and torture, which was enough motivation to fuel her. She has made efforts to try and bring change in Iran despite the government being corrupt and full of fraud. In Iranian history, she has managed to be the first woman to organise and lead a political organisation.

Her fight for equal opportunities and women’s struggle for freedom has been recognised worldwide by many organisations, who have greatly commended her for her courageous efforts. The main Iran opposition leader is trying to overthrow the current regime. Therefore, in this article, you will find out on latest activities that Maryam Rajavi takes part in. Read on to find out.

Maryam Rajavi’s 10 Point Plan for Iran

Due to her courageous acts of striving to bring equality and freedom to women living in Iran, Maryam has gained plenty of supporters all over Iran and internationally. Recently in Paris, France, she laid out her ten-point plan for tomorrow’s Iran that assures democracy, social justice and freedom. Her supporters in Iran created posters and graffiti that had slogans supporting her freedom regime. Some of the posters and slogans had messages such as “ Maryam Rajavi is the voice of freedom and human rights for the Iranian people.’’

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Her supporters were brave enough to organise these celebrations while carrying along with these posters and graffiti despite the strong resistance of any support of MEK in Iran. They dared to overlook judgement and punishment that they were bound to face, such as imprisonment, arrest, torture and execution.

Despite the numerous threats that Iran opposition were facing, they still took the risk. They shared videos and messages on how Maryam Rajavi is their only hope for change and freedom in Iran with the entire world. These celebratory activities took place in many parts of Iran, such as Tehran, Hamadan, Arak, Zanjan and Sari, to name a few. Take a look at the tenets of the 10 points.

Main Tenets of the 10 Point Plan for Iran by Maryam Rajavi

  • Outmost gender equality in different government sectors such as political, social, economic and cultural rights. Her regime is against discrimination of any kind such that; one is free to dress in whichever clothes they choose to. She also talks of the freedom to marry and divorce whenever someone wants to. Maryam’s opposition in Iran is because of exploitation and torture towards women under any circumstances.
  • An independent legal system that is at par with international standards and abolition of Mullahs’ Sharia law.
  • Cancelling and abolishing any injustices against Iranians that support the NCRI’s plan for change and freedom.
  • Equal opportunities to all Iranian citizens in terms of employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Protection and nurturing of the environment.
  • Freedom of worship and faiths to all Iran nationals.
  • A country that is free from nuclear weapons and mass destruction tools.
  • Political freedom, freedom of speech, and the internet. The abolition of terrorist Qods Force, unpopular Bassaji and all kinds of oppressive patrols in cities, villages, educational institutions and factories.
  • Rejection of the rule of velayat-e faqih.
  • Dedication to individual human rights and freedoms as per the declaration of the Human rights.

Maryam Rajavi has done so much for Iranian nationals undergoing oppression. As an Iran opposition leader, She continues to boldly create a country where its citizens will be free to live and enjoy equal opportunities

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