Miyuki beads and silver plated insert bracelet

More and more Miyukis delicas beads. But with an insert it's even better, isn't it? In any case, it's my new whim... So today we're going to talk about Miyuki bracelets and beads! To make this bracelet, I opted for Miyuki Delicas size 10 (slightly bigger than 11), because I thought it would be more suitable for the size of the insert. But if you only have size 11 Delicas, it works too! You just need a little more beads and patience... You'll have to: Weaving thread (I used Tan-colored c-lon D): you will cut as many pieces as you have holes in the spacer. Be careful, each thread will be folded in 2, so you will need pieces of at least 40 cm. Miyuki beads size 10 A spacer (I chose a silver spacer found at Perle and co) A few beads to put at the ends and silver nails to hang them up. To weave, I did not use a loom because I hung the threads on the spacer so that I could weave. To keep the threads taut, I chose a "home-made" assembly since the spacer prevented me from using my usual loom: a shoebox, tape to hang the spacer and a pair of drawing pliers to hold the threads... A little tinkered with, but it worked well! But I totally forgot to take a picture of this assembly... But if you search on the internet for "homemade loom" you will quickly find some DIY of this type 😉 Once it's hooked, all you have to do is weave your beads in the desired length in the "classic" way. Remember to reduce one bead on each side at the end of the weave to leave only 2 or 3 at the end of the bracelet. Then join the threads together in fine braids that you will weave together to finish the weave and prevent it from fraying. Once this is done, tie a knot at the end of the braid and hang beads on it if you feel like it. All you have to do is close the bracelet with a macramé square knot (if you can't remember how to do it, this is the way to do it). The advantage of this type of clasp is that the bracelet will be easily adjustable (very practical if it's a gift!). That's it, your bracelet is finished! You just have to wear it. I already have in stock 2 other spacers of this type that I can't wait to use, so new models will soon arrive on the blog!
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