Women’s Sweaters: Cardigan, Cashmere & More

Women's Sweaters

A sweater is not only vital to keeping you warm but also plays a fundamental role in ensuring that you are cozy and look voguish. Especially during chilly days, a sweater will come in handy. At such times, a sweater is most ideal and it becomes one of the dominant elements in your wardrobe. Even so, a sweater is also significant during the warm seasons, where you can put on a light one to enhance your stylishness especially when you are not in the mood to dress up.

Since sweaters are go-to clothes all around the year, multiple stores ensure that they always stock up different sweater kinds, that are fitting for any type of weather. For instance, iroparis.com is one of the stores that has you covered for all your sweater needs. Cardigans and cashmere are the most common sweater types that you will find here. Nonetheless, there are numerous sweater types that one can choose from.

What Are Some Different Sweater Types?

1. Cardigans

A cardigan can take different forms. Some cardigans have buttons while others have a wrap design and are accessorized using belts. On the other hand, some cardigans neither have buttons nor belts and are just meant to remain open and worn over a set of clothes. A dress or a shirt paired with shorts, trousers, or a skirt, can be covered with such an open cardigan, especially that with a mild but chic color. An example is a black, gold, or even silver cardigan sweater.

2. V-neck sweater

If you are going for an official look, a V-neck sweater should come in handy. For instance, if you want to pull off a suit-like look while in blue official trousers, then you can pair it with a blue sweater, a V-neck one in this case. In addition to this, you can put it on over a blouse or shirt that has a collar and have a sharp tie too.

3. Boyfriend sweater

Such a sweater should look like something that has come straight from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. There is no specific way to describe the design of a boyfriend sweater. However, it is meant to be over-size but comfortable. You can freely put on a tube top or a blouse underneath such a sweater.

4. Tunic sweater

Just like a boyfriend sweater, a tunic sweater does not seem to have a definite description. It has one attribute that distinguishes it from other sweater types. The hemline of a tunic is quite loose and therefore appears to be hanging, giving the sweater a flare design.

5. Polo neck sweater

Also commonly known as a turtle neck sweater, a polo neck sweater has a high collar. The collar can either cover the whole neck or can be folded over itself but still extend over a large area of the neck.

The sweater types listed above are only 5 but there are more kinds, bearing just a few differences from the ones discussed above. Any kind of sweater is fashionable especially when paired with the right outfit. There are several elements that should be reviewed when selecting the right kind of sweater.

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Ideal Sweater

1. The size of the sweater

Whether you are looking for a fitting or over-size sweater, you need an estimate of the size you are looking for. If you are shopping online, you can refer to the measurements on your dresses or jackets, to estimate a suitable sweater size.

2. The color of the sweater

A sweater with a neutral color can be paired with any kind of outfit. The same effect is achieved when a sweater has a single color or a maximum of two colors. However, if your outfits are quite dull, you can lighten them using a brightly colored or multicolored sweater.

3. The material used to make the sweater

If you need a sweater with a soothing texture, one with wool or cashmere would be appropriate. Such materials are also the best to regulate the heat they let in or out. In addition to this, they are quite easy to maintain.

With the right kind of sweater, there are multiple benefits to enjoy. A sweater is a versatile item that goes well with almost any attire. On top of this, it is low-maintenance as it barely gets wrinkles or gets damaged by factors such as heat or moisture when cleaned. This ought to be adequate motivation to grace your wardrobe with a few more pairs of different sweater types.

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