10 ways to save money on your next rental car

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A rental car agency is an organization that rents different cars for a given time going for a few hours or weeks. Statistics show that the pandemic resulted in a drop in renting cars, leaving many organizations scrambling and as a result selling most automobiles to the used auto market. With road trip season approaching, the lack of cars to be rented is leading to increased prices and high demands. In this article, I will show you how to avoid missing a car and save money at the same time on car rentals. Click here for more details.

1. Always reserve your car early.

Reserving a car early not only guarantees you a car but also gets you a car at low price. By doing this you give the company some time to make your order perfect, they need to receive the demand earlier in time like a week before so that they can have your car ready as soon as you’re off the flight.

2. avoid booking at the airport.

Most visitors come in through the airport which makes it advantageous to rental companies as they tend to make airport rentals the costliest. Making arrangements for a car at an airport tends to add about 15 to 20 per cent to your payment. To avoid this situation, you can use public transport as you enjoy your view and then order when in a hotel.

3. Rental cars are only reserved when needed.

Using public transport to help you navigate through the big city saves you on the cost of the rent and parking. Get a car when you are ready for long travels maybe in the countryside or a vacation and begin your road trip.

4. Rent your car type.

The number of people you have determines the type of car to be rented in that if you have the whole family with you plus bags and luggage’s, you require a bigger vehicle however, they tend to be expensive as it requires more gas.

5. Do a lot of research on insurance


Insurance is the highest charge you encounter on car rentals and that is why you will need insurance on car hire excess. Car hire excess insurance is optional insurance program that safeguards you from extra payments when your rented car is stolen or damaged. Before deciding to buy car rental excess insurance you must first compare the insurance of other places. This is because car hire excess insurance compare helps you to know and avoid surprises on the overpriced charges charged by rental car companies. Probably you might ask yourself, “is car hire excess insurance worthwhile?” Yes, because it automatically saves you tons of money if you ever want to claim damage on your rented car.

6. Pay fees in cash.

It saves you a lot of money to pay your tolls in cash to avoid companies tacking your bill, they do love it when you pass through your toll.

7.choose to fill the tank

Be keen on fuel pre-paid options that allow you to bring back the car without refilling. This results in you being charged a refuelling rate by the company in addition you will be charged a full tank price regardless of the amount you initially used. Try buying cheap gas from apps and return after refuelling the car.

8. Make use of memberships

If you are a member of an organization like Costco, you get free promotions and more special prices after renting a car making you save a lot. Being a member of the AAA or even the military is very advantageous and you will be surprised when you show your id and realize how many organizations have discounts but they are not made known to the public.

9. Join loyal car rental programs.

Car rental programs are the best when it comes to being one step ahead of other people. As a member, you get to get free upgrades and receive rewards not forgetting to be offered service first over a long line when picking up a car.

10. Avoid the extras

By avoiding the extras by not paying for them helps your overall cost to be cheaper. Consider downloading offline maps to use instead of paying for a GPS or rather not paying for a driver on short drives as he comes with extra charges. These extra costs make your overall cost expensive but luckily they are avoidable

final thoughts

It is important to always have yourself covered with insurance in case of any damages. In this case, you are advised not only to have but also pay for the annual car hire excess insurance. Ask yourself, “do I need excess protection car hire?” if yes get one quickly and save yourself from future damage that might happen.

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