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We are here to inform the public of events that surround them and that may affect them. Our news is also for entertainment purposes; to provide you with information about other places in the world where you probably can’t get to or have little influence. We keep you connected with the other side of the world throughout the year!

The latest in high-tech

Technology is evolving extremely rapidly. It seems that a new innovation is produced almost every day. High-tech has also changed the way the business world operates. It has allowed many people to achieve their goals, let their imaginations run wild and try new things they never imagined before. We provide you with the latest news on cutting-edge technology, innovation, new inventions and all information related to IT, you may find more news on

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From controversial to cute to disconcerting, here you’ll find fashion stories, public outings of stylish stars and the latest trends adopted by “fashionistas”!

When it comes to dressing for everyday life, it’s always interesting to have some inspiration and thanks to our news and follow up of the latest public releases of the stars, you won’t be short of inspiration! Finally, enjoy the best of celebrity style, the latest fashion news and trends on and off the runways.

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Political news

There is no need to remind people that it is important to be interested in the politics of one’s country, just for the sake of knowing what is going on around one. To do so, don’t miss out on the latest news and features on politics in France thanks to our articles and observations.

Real estate news

Get expert insights, the latest news and information on real estate! Real estate market situation, prices, renting, selling, buying, various investments, real estate agencies etc…Cultural news

Art and culture

Most French and even foreigners associate the French art and culture world with Paris, as this city is a centre of fashion, cuisine, art and architecture. But France is not only Paris! Follow the cultural news happening all over France!

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Good plans, news, jobs, housing, travel, education… all the information that young people are interested in on the same portal.



A tutoring teacher before giving lessons must himself be well prepared both morally and intellectually. On the moral level, he should always be calm, enthusiastic and optimistic in front of his pupil because this influences the pupil who needs regular support and encouragement.



Smartphones, unlike general-purpose phones, offer features that make the user’s job much easier. But at the same time, well-chosen utility applications can extend the user experience in many ways.

Customized travel

Customized travel

Preparing a trip without asking for help from an agency requires some precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises. In order to choose the right destination, you will have to plan a tour according to the budget, formalities, political situation and length of stay.

Art news

Imagine a society without the civilizing influence of the arts, a society that will have to get rid of what is most enjoyable in life and most vital for education and progress.

All you will be left with is a society without an identity, something we know instinctively. Here we develop your appreciation and commitment to art, crafts and design with our regular updates on the latest news in the arts in France and around the world.